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GIS Day!

Yesterday was a GIS Day! Congratulations to everyone who loves maps, GIS, and working with spatial data! And as you may have guessed, I am one of those people. So, to mark the day, here are some links to great sources of geospatial data and other GIS-related stuff that you may find useful:

OpenStreetMap (OSM) data: a list of sources of geospatial data from OpenStreetMap project.

GADM: Global Administrative Areas Database. GADM goal is to map the administrative areas of all countries, at all levels of sub-division at high spatial resolution. Very R-friendly: stores data as .rds files formatted for sf and sp packages, in Geopackage (.gpkg) format, as shapefiles (.shp), and as KMZ files.

Canadian GIS: a collection of Canadian GIS and geospatial resources.

Statistics Canada 2016 Census Boundary Files: Statistics Canada official geospatial data repository.

CensusMapper: an API and an online tool to create interactive custom maps based on Statistics Canada census data. CensusMapper API is used in the cancensus R package.

Bounding Box Tool: what it says on the tin. Can be very handy when you are making maps and need coordinates for a bounding box.

Geocomputation with R: an excellent (and very up-to-date) textbook on using R to work with geospatial data. Has a free online version and a print version. a website and blog about using R to analyze spatial and spatio-temporal data.

GeoPackage: open source, free, cross-platform, easy to use, and compact format for geospatial information – a newer, better alternative to shapefiles.

( ! ) My choice of, and my opinions on these sources/products, are entirely unsolicited and are based exclusively on my own experience of using them.

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