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How to Modularize an Existing Shiny App

A tutorial on modularizing existing R Shiny apps – how and why do it and what to keep in mind. Differs from many other tutorials in that it follows a top-down approach: instead of using an example of writing a simple modular app from scratch, I took a complex real-life app and broke it down into modules.

Correlation Analysis in R, Part 1: Basic Theory

Part 1 of the series of practical hands-on tutorials on performing correlation analysis in R. In this part, I will provide a simple overview of what correlation coefficients are, what they tell and don’t tell us, when they are meaningful (aka statistically significant), and what is their practical significance.

COVID-19 Canada Data Explorer

An interactive dashboard to explore the Government of Canada’s official statistics on the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Built with R Shiny, Leaflet, and plotly. Auto-updated every six hours.